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Open Data Challenge

Although the Bay Area Bike Share Open Data Challenge is officially closed, you may still download all trip data by clicking the button on the right side of the page.

Judging and Prizes


    Winning entries in each category received:

    • Gift certificates for two Bay Area Bike Share annual memberships
    • A Bay Area Bike Share t-shirt and five 24-hour memberships to share with friends and family
    • Two Bern helmets
    • The winner for Best Overall Visualization also received a Nexus 7 tablet.

    Click here to read the official rules of the Bay Area Bike Share Open Data Challenge.

    The Data

    Each trip is anonymized and includes:

    • Bike number
    • Trip start day and time
    • Trip end day and time
    • Trip start station
    • Trip end station
    • Rider type – Annual or Casual (24-hour or 3-day member)
    • If an annual member trip, it will also include the member’s home zip code

      The data set also includes:

    • Weather information per day per service area
    • Bike and dock availability per minute per station

      Separately, participants may use our live JSON feed:

    • Access our feed at bayareabikeshare.com/stations/json
    • No API key needed, however apps should not fetch this feed more than once per minute

    Download the data file


    To celebrate six months of operation, Bay Area Bike Share released a detailed data set, and encouraged developers, designers, and anyone with a bit of curiosity to present the data in visually compelling ways. The Bay Area Bike Share Open Data Challenge was launched in partnership with Stamen Design, a design and technology studio based in San Francisco.

    We asked for visualizations that could help us illustrate the answers to questions such as: What stations are the most popular? What time do members ride? Do different riders use the system in different ways?

    The judges

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, please email data@bayareabikeshare.com.

Download the data file

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