Open Data

Here you'll find Bay Area Bike Share's trip data for public use. So whether you're a designer, developer, or just plan curious, feel free to download it and bring it to life!

Note that we will be releasing trip data twice a year: once in March and once in September.

Winners of the 2014 Bay Area Bike Share Data Challenge can be viewed here!

    The Data

    Each trip is anonymized and includes:

    • Bike number
    • Trip start day and time
    • Trip end day and time
    • Trip start station
    • Trip end station
    • Rider type – Annual or Casual (24-hour or 3-day member)
    • If an annual member trip, it will also include the member’s home zip code

      The data set also includes:

    • Weather information per day per service area
    • Bike and dock availability per minute per station

      Separately, participants may use our live JSON feed:

    • Access our feed at
    • No API key needed, however apps should not fetch this feed more than once per minute

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, please email